23 March 2011

a birthday reflection

My age can no longer be found on the calendar. Oh well. Not that it should matter, right? Age ain’t nothing but a number (as the song by Aaliyah goes). What’s important is if I’m happy with what I am and what I have become. So, as I exit the calendar and enter the lotto (hehehe), I'd like to reflect on the different aspects of my life...
Spirituality/Religious Life. Although I’m generally a good person, I’m not satisfied with my relationship with God. Maybe because I had a great relationship with Him when I was in SFC; and since hubby and I crossed over to YCFC, we haven’t been really active in most of the activities. The last time I really experienced Him was during the Tongues Workshop...of SFC. We regularly attend our household meetings though, but that’s basically it, because we opted to spend whatever free time we have during weekends with our daughter. Before, I had a regularly prayer time in the morning before going to work. But now, I’m lucky if I can sit down in prayer for a few minutes in front of the altar. I was able to attend the morning mass this morning, though, and I went to confession, so I guess that's a start to bounce back.
Family and Relationships. I’m pretty happy with my family life now. I experienced being away from my daughter for several months last year, and it definitely wasn’t easy. Now that we’re all together, happy, safe and healthy, that’s enough for me. Of course, hubby and I have plans to migrate to another country for our family’s future, but this is still in the works. As for my relationships with friends, well, of course it changed ever since I got married, had a baby and moved from the city. It’s rare that I have time to get out for socializing, but then again, there haven’t been many opportunities to socialize since most of our friends are either still in SFC (where they’re busy without their activities) or YCFC (and they’re busy with their own families). I have a few good friends who I see during celebrations and gatherings, and we always have a good time when we see each other, so that’s good enough. Anyway, there’s fb, e-mail, ym, etc, and although it’s not the same, at least it keeps the lines of communication open.
Health. Aside from the little bouts of fever and colds I get whenever the weather changes, I’m healthy. I’m not obese and I’m not suffering from malnutrition, I can eat whatever I want without having to worry about getting an allergy or whatever. My only concern is I need to have more physical activities to get rid of the bulges that I still haven’t gotten rid of since I gave birth.
Job and Career. Honestly, I’m content. When I was younger, I wanted to become a successful businesswoman with my own company, or at least a top manager of a multinational corporation. Now, whatever I’m doing as an HR and Administration Coordinator is fine with me. As an employee, I’m not stressed much. Sure I get pressure from my managers and colleagues occasionally, but at least it’s bearable. The pay is ok and the working environment is good. The only thing to worry about is if we’ll be able to get the next big project to secure our company’s future in the Middle East.
I guess that’s about it. Of course, I still have dreams and ambitions, goals to achieve as I learn new things everyday. I admit, most of them are material things that I want to obtain, but these are just to push me to be the best that I can be and provide what’s best for my family. Otherwise, if I were satisfied with my current situation, there’d be no reason for me to exert any effort. That doesn’t mean to say I’m not thankful with what I have now. I’m very thankful, and I consider myself very blessed. There were some struggles I faced during the last year (especially with my family and finances), but fortunately, we were able to overcome them. There will always be problems along the way, which I consider as blessings. If not for them, I wouldn’t be able to learn, become stronger, move on, and cherish what I have. And I guess that’s what life is about. I read somewhere that life isn’t measured by the number of years we live, but by the experiences we go through and the kind of person we become because of them (or something to that effect). Makes sense...especially for those people who stopped keeping track of how old they are =)

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