10 July 2011

magnets from texas

A few months ago, I had to work with a colleague to apply for his US L-1 Visa. This had never been done before at our company so it was a bit complicated and took quite a while, involving so many people from our Japan and US offices; but fortunately, everything worked out well in the end.

Before he left for his business trip, I requested my colleague to buy a souvenir refrigerator magnet for me when he returns so that I could add it to my collection. When he returned a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to find that he had bought not one, not two, but seven magnets all for me! Honestly, I had only asked for one. When he gave me the bag, I really thought that he had given it to me so that I could choose. When I asked him if I could get two, he said “Take them all; they’re all for you.” I was too shy to take all of them so I told him that I’ll give the rest to my other female colleagues, but he told me that he had already bought some other stuff for them. So, I took them all. Sayang naman di ba!
texas magnets. cute huh?!

I put four of them on our fridge, gave one to my sister (she collects them as well), one to Ate Cel, and hubby took one to use at work. Not that I expected anything, but at least I received something for the effort I put in to this.

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