07 June 2011

putting color in my week (7 colors in 7 days challenge)

I was thinking of something regular to blog about, and although I’ve come across bloggers who have done/are doing the 30-day or 365-day challenges, I didn’t think I’d be able to complete it. This made me come up with an activity for an entire week.

There are seven colors in the rainbow, so for seven days, I’ll be posting about stuff about the day’s certain color. For example, I’ll begin on Saturday since that’s the first day of my workweek; so on that day, I’ll post anything related to red; then I’ll post orange stuff on Sunday, yellow things on Monday, and so on. Depending on my mood, it might be just photos I took or some lines of what the day’s color represents for me.

If anyone wants to do this challenge as well, you’re more than welcome to. But I’d appreciate it if you acknowledged where you got it from by adding a link to this post or my blog. I have no idea if this 7-colors-in-7-days challenge has been done before (so pardon me if someone already thought of it and I took all the credit) but this is just something I thought would be fun doing.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to complete this...

Saturday = Red
Sunday = Orange
Monday = Yellow
Tuesday = Green
Wednesday = Blue
Thursday = Indigo
Friday = Violet

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