28 August 2011

philippine consulate and polo-owwa office together again

Finally, the POLO-OWWA office and Philippine Consulate in Dubai are now located in one compound!

Since I came to Dubai, these two offices have always been far away from each other, causing a big inconvenience to the Filipino expats. Most of the time, people would go to the Philippine Consulate, only having to find out (after wasting their time in long queues) that they had to go to the POLO-OWWA office for their requirement (or vice versa).

I heard that several years ago, these two offices were actually in one location, but then they had a dispute which made them decide to work far from each other as possible. Not sure if this is what actually happened, but knowing how Philippine government people are, there may be some truth in this rumor.

Anyway, I guess they finally kissed and made up, or at least swallowed their pride and decided that serving the kabayans in Dubai should be their priority because now, the POLO-OWWA is housed in one compound with the Philippine Consulate. Here’s a map of where the two Philippine government offices are:
click to enlarge

However, they will be closed from today until the 3rd of September due to Philippine National Heroes Day and Eid Al Fitr, and will resume work on the 4th of September. Regular office hours are 0800-1200hrs and 1300-1700hrs. Due to the shifting, the old trunk lines will be cut off and new landline numbers will be announced to the public.

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