12 October 2011

our wedding portrait

Just to give you a brief background, Directors Cut DVP was the one who took care of the photo and video coverage of our wedding more than 3 years ago. Being the lazy person I was, it took me more than a year to select the pictures for our album (we finally got the albums and videos in June 2010 while we were on vacation). And it was only during the last week of August (of this year) that hubby and I finally chose the photos we wanted for our portrait.

On the evening of our first day in the Philippines, I sent an SMS to Direk Neil telling him that we were in town and asking him how long it would take for the portrait if we gave him the details of the pictures we wanted. He replied it would take a maximum of 2 weeks, which was just right because this meant we would be able to bring it with us when we returned to Dubai. I immediately texted him the filenames of the 3 pictures, adding “Kung pwede, isa yung main; tapos minor na lang yung dalawa. Bahala ka na lang kung alin ang main at minor & kung paano ang layout. Paki-edit na lang yung kailangan i-edit” (or something to that effect).

A week later, Direk e-mailed the layout to me, to which Hubby gave his approval. However, Hubby wanted it to come in a bigger size, and of course there was an additional charge for this. So after several kulit negotiations via SMS with Direk, we finally agreed to have it printed at a 20×30 size.

A few days later, we met up with Direk at Pepper Lunch, Greenbelt. Like the previous ones we had with him, we enjoyed our lunch meet-up.
photo taken after our stomachs were filled
that rectangular brown thing Hubby is holding beside him is the portrait

Direk Neil is very down-to-earth and easy to get along with. Unlike our other wedding suppliers whom we all had business-like relationships with, he is more like a good friend. Did I mention that he very willingly sang a song during our reception even though he doesn’t sing professionally? No, it wasn’t part of the package we got from D-Cut; let’s just say it was his gift to us. Don’t worry, it didn’t rain, nor did the guests stand up and leave (hehehe!). He actually has a good voice.

Anyway, on to the portrait. Honestly, we didn’t think it would be as big as it was, nor did we expect that it would be canvass-printed (like a painting) and with a beautiful frame. But it did, and we liked it, and that’s what mattered. We had to cover it with bubble-wrap and write FRAGILE all over the box to make sure it wouldn’t get ruined in the plane, but that was ok. Because now, it’s hanging on the wall in our apartment, reminding us of the day we became husband and wife. Thanks to Direk Neil (and the rest of D-Cut) for capturing our special day!

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