15 May 2011

the dolphin & seal show at the dolphinarium

Ever since we went to Iceland in Ras Al Khaimah early last month, there’s never a day Caila doesn’t talk about her experience there. Obviously, she really enjoyed herself. So as a treat, Hubby and I took her (and her nanny) to Dubai Dolphinarium yesterday for the Dolphin and Seal Show.

The show began with 4 mascots: a tiger, a rabbit, a sea urchin (I think) and a penguin, who performed a song number (which I couldn’t understand), and mingled with the audience a bit before leaving.

Then the 4 seals came out, entertaining us with their tricks and balancing acts. There was even one who sang (although it sounded more like a very, very long burp)! They only stayed on the land/stage and didn’t go into the water, but that was ok. They were very funny!

Finally the 4 dolphins came out by gliding through the water and jumping high in the air. They performed all sorts of tricks: dancing, singing, jumping to touch the balls that were hanging from the ceiling, using their noses to hula-hoop...one of them even made a painting which was auctioned off for Dhs50! It was amazing!

Before the end, balls from the crowd were thrown in and the 3 people whose balls were given to the trainers by the dolphins would win prizes. The winner of the grand prize was a little girl (around 5 years old I think) who was also given the opportunity to ride in a floating boat that was being pulled by one of the dolphins in the water. Lucky kid!

All throughout the show, Caila just stared in awe at the mammals and what they were doing...and when the dolphins made one last exhibition as if to say goodbye, she kept waving her hands back at them until they left.

As we were leaving, I asked her “Enjoy ba si Caila?” Our daughter immediately answered “Enjoy!” accompanied with a very wide grin.

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