14 June 2011

mcdonald's and tom and jerry

Last night, we went to the McDonald’s branch near our apartment building after having Piper washed and cleaned. Our daughter wasn’t hungry so she went to the area where four screens were showing the same Tom and Jerry show. I noticed that every time we go there, it’s always Tom and Jerry on the screens; nothing else. Before, I didn’t mind what they were showing because Caila would always stay with us while we ate, but this was the first time our daughter went to that area. I watched her for 3 minutes, her eyes practically glued to the screen, and knowing how toddlers’ minds are like sponges, it really bothered me. Being the non-confrontational person I am, I didn’t say anything to the staff of McDonald’s. I just told Caila that while her daddy was finishing his salad, we would walk around outside. It was a good thing she agreed...and didn’t insist to go back until we left.

I appreciate that McDonald’s came up with an avenue to entertain the kids who are dining in with their families. But then, this isn’t a really ideal form of entertainment. First of all, television is already known for having several negative effects on children (one of which is it hinders interaction with others). And second of all, the programs show hostility and revenge. If they can’t come up with another form of entertainment, they should at least stop showing programs that have comic violence. Even if it’s animation, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically child-friendly. Granted, usually the kids who go to that area to watch while enjoying their food are older than my daughter, but still, it gives them the wrong message. Why can’t they show more G-rated shows like Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Little Einsteins, for example? At least, these are more appropriate for children and they teach a few things.

I searched the net on where I can make my concern known to the McDonald’s Manager of that branch, but all I came up with was their head office’s contact details. I still have to gather the guts and compose the letter, though. I just hope something good will come out of this. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck! i think their branch along rigga road also shows tom and jerry cartoons.

  2. thanks, ricky! i really hope they'll look into this and replace the shows. fingers crossed!


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