29 August 2011

hawaiian pork chop

I am on a roll! I cooked another dish last night and Hubby was all praises! Whoooppeeee! You see, yesterday on our way home from work, Hubby and I were talking about what to have for dinner, when I suddenly craved for Mama’s Hawaiian Pork Chop, and since we’ve never cooked that before, I called Mama right away. Here’s how our conversation went:

Mama: Hello?
Me: Hello, Mader!
Mama: Mel! Bakit? Anong balita?
Me: Ma, pano ang recipe mo ng Hawaiian Pork Chop?
Mama: Uy! Bakit? Anong okasyon?
Me: Nyek! Wala. Kailangan lang namin ng maluluto na may sarsa dahil kay Caila, eh namiss ko yung luto mo na yun kaya itatry ko lutuin.
Mama: Uuuuy! Ikaw ang magluluto?! Talaga?! Baka si Guchi?
(she was really teasing me because she knows I don’t cook)
Me: Syempre ako! Sige na, anong kailangan? Yung eksakto ha, para sa isang kilong baboy. Di ba may pineapple juice? Gaano karami?
Mama: Pineapple juice, toyo, asukal-–
Me: Gaano karami nga?
Mama: Timplahan mo na lang sa panlasa mo
Me: Maaaaaa! Hindi nga ako marunong! Isang cup, isang kutsara? Yung pineapple juice mo, ilan ang nakalagay sa lata?
Mama: Grrrrr!!! Basta yung isang lata ng madalas kong inumin na pineapple juice, yun na yun.
Me: Eh ilan nga? Baka walang ganon dito na parehong size eh.
Mama: Tinamaan ka ng magaling! Titingin pa ako sa kusina!
Me: Syempre! Magaling ako eh, kaya lab mo ako! Sige na please!
Mama: Sige na nga! Tama na yung 500 ml para isang kilo ng baboy, 2 kutsarang toyo, 2 kutsarang asukal, 1/4 teaspoon asin, at isang sachet ng Magic Sarap
Me: Yehey! Yun lang? Wala nang water or mantika or whatever?
Mama: Wala. Yun lang. Kung gusto mong dagdagan ng pineapple chunks or bits, sa huli mo na ilagay. Ipatong mo na lang sa mga baboy.
Me: E pano lulutuin? Anong mauuna?
Mama: Ihalo mo lang lahat ng sabay, tapos pakuluin mo. Yun lang.
Me: Ok. Thank you.
Mama: Ikaw talaga yung magluluto?
Me: Oo nga! Si Mama, ang kulit!
Mama: O sige, balitaan mo ako kung masarap ha.
Me: Opo.

Don't worry, the tone of our conversation was really light. We were laughing practically all throughout. That's just how Mama and I talk to each other; kulitan mode lagi. Anyway, since we had everything except for the juice, Hubby and I passed by the West Zone near our place. Turns out that the store only had Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice cans in 240ml, so we just bought two of those and figured that that would be enough for the recipe. We didn’t buy chunks anymore since none of us like eating them cooked. As soon as we arrived at home, I took out the meat from the freezer to thaw, and hubby later cut it into pieces to make it look like pork chops.

In the evening, I began cooking. I poured all the pineapple juice into a deep pan, added 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 sachet of Magic Sarap seasoning. I mixed everything before adding the pork, covered the pan, then turned the stove on to low. Occasionally, I would mix the pork around so that they would be cooked evenly, and 30 minutes later it was done.Actually, I didn’t know it was cooked until I asked Hubby to try it (because I don’t trust my taste). He tasted the sauce, then tasted a piece of meat. If you can picture a kid tasting and enjoying his very first chocolate, well, that’s what Hubby looked like. He kept saying “Ang sarap, Mahal! Masarap talaga!” It really made my day! And when I tasted it, it actually tasted good. The pork was so easy to bite into and the sauce was just right.

Now if you can picture the yellow smiley, that’s how the smile on my face looked like last night (minus the yellow color) =)

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