15 March 2011

bad night...good night

Last night, hubby and I had our separate night out with our friends. I was with my SFC babies at Pizza Co. and he was with his colleagues at Barrio Fiesta. His dinner ended early (around 7:30pm), because it was their regular dinner out. Mine, on the other hand, ended late because it had been months since the last time we had gotten together and the only reason we did was because Leih had BIG news.

Ok. First the bad news. Piper got into an accident. How it happened was, hubby was driving (duh!) and there was a car in front of him. As they were approaching the junction that exits from the Floating Bridge to go towards Deira City Centre, the green traffic light began blinking, signaling that it would turn yellow and red very soon. So, the car in front stopped, and hubby slowed down to stop and leave some space between them. After a second, hubby felt something bang into Piper’s rear which caused the car to move forward, slightly touching the car in front.

Fortunately, hubby was ok, he didn’t get hurt, and he got a green paper. But among the three cars, Piper had the most damage. Her left tail-light and bumper were broken, the trunk had dents everywhere, her front bumper was slightly damaged, and the registration plate was dented. Haaaay!!!

Definitely, Piper will have to be taken to the workshop for repair (fortunately, the insurance will cover everything), which means hubby and I will have to resort to taking the cab going to and from work and wherever else we’ll be going to for the next few days. Bummer!
Now the good news. Well, aside from the fact that I had a great time last night with my friends, we found out that Leih is finally in L-O-V-E, and he’s not a Filipino! Plus, the guy (he had dinner with us), wants to get married as soon as possible. He’s willing to convert from his religion, and it’s ok for him to have the wedding either in Dubai or Philippines; his own country wasn’t even an option. Ang haba ng hair ni Leilanie! Pang-international pala ang beauty nya!

Of course, we (Carol, Ces, Mitch and I) grilled them with a million questions and teased Leih non-stop. Apparently it was their 1st monthsary as well (that means they officially became a couple on Valentine’s Day!), and instead of celebrating it alone, they opted to spend it with us (that’s how important we are to them, right Leih?).

Anyway, of course, we’re very happy for both of them, and even though we weren’t complete (we were missing Gracie and Joanne), we all enjoyed ourselves...just like old times.

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