20 June 2012

hubby in smart parenting magazine

He wasn't featured, but his name, statements, and answers to Ate Sam's questions that she asked him were included in the article.
You can check out the Father's Day article here.
Yup, I'm one proud wifey! =)

14 June 2012

posh weekend: jewelry set complete!

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about Hubby’s anniversary gift to me! Can I just blame it on the effects of pregnancy? Hehehe.

Anyway, I didn’t expect to receive a gift from him, so it was a complete surprise. It was during our stay at St. Regis when I was rummaging through his bag looking for something when I saw a small box. Because of the lighting, it looked like a Patchi box of chocolates so I pulled it out and asked him what it was. Before he could answer, I had already opened it and found this inside:

12 June 2012

fifty shades...in my hands, but out of my reach

Okay, okay, I admit I’m one of those who got curious when the hype of the Fifty Shades novels by E.L. James came out. Several blogs I read discussed the trilogy, and it’s been a hot topic in n@w lately. So being a bookworm who’s been looking for a good read for a long time, I searched around the bookstores here. Naturally, with the kind of story it has, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Who was I kidding that it would be sold here?! Fortunately, a n@wie announced that she had the pdf of all three books, so I requested her for a copy which she e-mailed to me within a few hours. Thanks, Sis Maricar! =)

10 June 2012

posh weekend: st. regis, saadiyat island

One of the prizes we won during the Starchoice Party was an overnight stay for 2 in a St. Regis suite (yup, not just a room, but a SUITE!) at The St. Regis, Saadiyat Island, so last weekend was the best time for us to use it as a post-celebration of our anniversaries. After leaving The Farm, we headed to Mall of the Emirates first to enjoy the cold air conditioning and buy some lunch for Caila since she didn’t eat that much. Then at half past 12, we left for Abu Dhabi. The journey took more than an hour and we arrived at the hotel just before 2pm.

06 June 2012

posh weekend: the farm, al barari

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation from our friends Eugz and Pia to their Breakfast Engagement. Of course, since they’re part of our barkada and considering that we wouldn’t be able to go home to the Philippines for their wedding in December, Hubby and I just had to attend. Little did we know that the venue where it was going to be held was a beautiful place hidden in the outskirts of Dubai.

04 June 2012

anniversary dinner at hanabi

Hubby and I decided to celebrate the actual date of our anniversary with a simple dinner at Hanabi Restaurant in Asiana Hotel. Although La Mesa was a bit of a disappointment, we decided to give the hotel’s Japanese restaurant a try. My bosses often eat there when we have guests from Japan so I figured the food and service should be good. A few days before, I had a meeting with the hotel’s Sales Manager, so I informed him casually of our plans.

bnt turned 2

This blog turned 2 years old and I completely forgot about it!
That’s what happens when anniversaries and special occasions happen in the same month.
Oh well.
Belated Happy 2nd Birthday, Blabbers & Thoughts!
Thanks for helping me keep my sanity by letting out my insanity =)

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