30 October 2011

max's restaurant

I totally forgot to post about the time we had dinner at Max’s! I was reading my post about our dinner last Tuesday and I wondered where we celebrated the 27th last month, and that’s when I remembered. Anyway, better late than never, so here goes...

We decided to try out the restaurant for our monthly tradition on the 27th of September. When we arrived just before 6:30pm, there weren’t that many people, so we settled ourselves comfortably at a table inside. Since we got the chance to eat at Max’s in the Philippines during our vacation, our memory (and taste buds) from then was still fresh. The food offered on the menu was pretty much the same, but instead of trying out their other offerings, we decided to order what they’re known best for: chicken.

views from outside

sago't gulaman for me and iced tea for Hubby
basic meal (or was it the budget meal?)
fiesta plate
their pancit bihon that looked anemic but tasted ok
our daughter enjoying the caramel bar
their comments form and a free 20% discount voucher to a Chinese restaurant
the original menu from way back when.
see how cheap the prices were!
an old letter from Max's
Hubby joked that this was sent to his grandfather
their take-away / delivery bag
obviously, they don't do deliveries in Dubai yet =)
By the time we left at 7:30pm, the restaurant was full of diners inside and outside, and there was a handful of people waiting for tables. Many of the diners were Filipinos, but we could see that there were a few Indians, Pakistanis, and Arabs as well. It just goes to show that the food is enjoyed by all (and not just Pinoys).

The good news is we enjoyed the food; the chicken tasted similar to its original recipe which is the important thing. The bad news is the prices are too high and the servings are small. We know it can’t be compared to KFC or Texas because those are fastfood restaurants, but it’s kinda ridiculous to pay so much for such a small portion of chicken! The sago’t gulaman was too sweet for me so I had to ask for a glass of ice to dilute the sugary taste. As for the service, well, it was difficult to get the attention of the servers and it took some time for them to give us what we needed. But considering that the place was packed, we can’t really blame them.


  1. we should try this out and see what will be the verdict

  2. have you visited max's yet? how was it?


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