14 June 2011

kung fu panda 2 in 3D

Kung Fu Panda was the first movie hubby and I watched as husband and wife when we returned to Dubai after our wedding in 2008. We really enjoyed the film, so when we found out that the sequel would be released in 3D, we made a plan to watch it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t squeeze it in our busy schedule, and whatever free time we had, we opted to spend with our daughter...until last Friday night. On the way home after our household meeting ended, Caila dozed off in the car. This was the perfect opportunity because it was still pretty early and we wouldn’t feel guilty for not spending our free time with her. So, we dropped her off at home under Ate Cel’s care and hubby and I set off for DFC.

We totally enjoyed the movie! Po is so naturally funny! I don’t like Jack Black that much, but he definitely gave justice to the overweight panda. The entire cinema was laughing so hard almost all throughout the film. There was one movie-goer who was practically snorting in laughter! What kinda disappointed me was that except for Tigress, the other kung fu masters of the Furious Five (Viper, Crane, Monkey and Mantis) didn’t have that many lines. I think there were just about 5 lines each all throughout. All in all though, everything was great: the effects, animation, story, and punchlines. And watching it in 3D made it even more exciting.

It wasn’t all action and kung fu, though. There were some lessons that could be learned. The story revolved around Po’s past, which brought on what was happening in the present. It showed as well the importance of appreciating the people whom you recognize as your family; and who could forget “inner peace”?

The last scene showing Po’s real father and the other pandas made hubby and I hope that there will be a Part 3 of the film. And by the time it’s released, we’ll definitely bring Caila along so she can also watch the Dragon Warrior’s “awesomeness.”

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