22 November 2011

i won another raffle prize!

This time I got it by joining Mumcierge’s October competition, which, again I joined knowing that I wouldn’t win, but still hoping that I would.
The announcement of the winners was posted on their FB page on November 2, I found out the next day, but it was only last Wednesday (16th of November) that I had the chance to collect my prize from Elaine Stannard, the founder of Mumcierge. The prize was a Catwalk Cow Fat Free Brownies gift hamper containing 3 boxes of their different mixes (cupcakes, brownies, fondant), a spatula, a wooden spoon, a set of measuring spoons, a purple kitchen towel, a glass bowl, and a glass tray.
The instructions seem easy to follow and we have most of the ingredients at home (the rest are readily available at the supermarkets). Plus, the pictures on the boxes just look yummy!
Hmm...I think I’ll try baking one of these goodies this weekend.
Wish me luck!


  1. good luck i love to bake and cook too pam. swerte mo ha! mabrook

  2. thanks, carla! dati, never talaga ako nananalo sa mga competitions na ganito. hopefully my (bad) luck has changed =)


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