11 July 2011

our lady of guadalupe...and tita grace

During the time that the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was staying in our home, we made it a point to pray the novena together every night. Last 4th of July was the night she had to leave our home and Tita Grace and the rest of the group came to the apartment to take her to the next family she would be visiting. We began as soon as we were all settled. After we thanked Our Lady for her visit, said the prayers, and sang the songs, Tita Grace went around the apartment to bless our home with Holy Water and Hubby followed her closely, sprinkling salt in the corners and walls. That’s when the exciting part happened.

When we entered our bedroom, Tita Grace began speaking in tongues. I swear she sounded like she was talking in Japanese! This went on for more than five minutes, with the rest of us continuing to praise and worship God. Sometime during this, Caila (whom I was carrying in my arms) turned to me and said quite loudly “Galit sya, Mommy? Galit sya?” If the situation hadn’t been so serious, I’m sure we would have laughed out loud. Instead, I just shook my head and told her softly that Tita Grace was praying, to which she answered “Pray sya? Pray?” I nodded in reply and put a finger to my lips, telling her to be quiet. Fortunately, she obeyed.

After a while, Tita Grace began to speak more calmly and ended the prayer; then we all went back to the living room. As we sat down to eat the pancit we had prepared, she narrated that the enemy had been there in our bedroom, standing just before our bedside altar; it was like he was there to prevent us from praying. That’s why when we entered the room earlier, Tita Grace began speaking in tongues; she was casting out the evil spirit from that room and from our home. Amazingly though, she said that he didn’t give her a hard time and almost willingly left. She said that most probably, because we had a strong faith and regularly prayed to God, the enemy couldn’t shake us. I remember that since we moved in to our apartment last December, Caila had become sick several times (some time ago we had to bring her to the doctor twice in one week), but she said that that was the only thing he could do. Whew!

It may have been a bit scary, but at least things worked out ok. We already had the apartment blessed by one of the priests from St. Mary’s Church a few months ago, but we’re glad that Tita Grace blessed it again. Most importantly, she cast out the enemy from our home. Definitely a big relief!

For Catholics in Dubai, I highly encourage you to have the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe visit your homes. If you’re interested, please send me your details. I’ll forward these to Tita Grace and she’ll get in touch with you directly. May God bless us all!

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