12 October 2011

janet jackson in abu dhabi

Again, another one of my favorite performers will be coming...and again, I won’t be able to watch. Sheesh!

Way back in April 2005, I went to Westlife’s concert at Media City. Of course, it was great! They sang all their hits, and I had a great view at the front where I could enjoy the show. But then, that’s it. That was the only time I went to a concert here in the UAE.

Boys II Men (my fave R&B group) performed in May 2007 but I couldn't go (I can't remember why, though). Then the Backstreet Boys (my all-time favorite pop group) came here in December 2009, but I didn’t go because I felt guilty leaving my less-than-1-year-old daughter at home (even though she would be taken cared of by my mother). Roxette came a few months ago and of course we couldn’t afford to go because there were so many things we had to pay for that month. And now, Janet Jackson will be performing at Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi tomorrow night and I won’t be able to go! Waaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

The thing is, if I go, I want to be at the front so I can really enjoy the concert and see her practically up close and personal. But I just can’t let go of Dhs1,330 (for 2 tickets) that easily. And then considering that it will be in Abu Dhabi, of course it wouldn’t be safe to travel back to Dubai late at night right after the concert, so we would have to book a room in a hotel there, and that would be an added cost. So, it just wouldn’t be practical, right?

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to settle on listening to her songs instead...AGAIN!

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