21 December 2011

wafi's light & sound show

If Dubai Mall has the Dancing Fountain, Wafi has the Light & Sound Show which is just as entertaining. Early this year, my family went there to watch this show which was still fairly new. Back then, the theme was about ancient Egypt. It was a mix of vibrant colors and lights that showed all sorts of lifelike images, including pharaohs and pyramids. Caila didn’t know whether she liked the show or if she found it scary. One moment she would stare in wonder, the next minute she would turn away and embrace her daddy. And then she would watch again.
Last week, we went there again to watch their show which had a festive theme. We settled ourselves at the Central Courtyard Viewpoint, at exactly the same spot we enjoyed the first show months earlier.
Christmas carols and sounds, accompanied with images of a winter scenery, a laughing Santa, colorful presents, fireworks, candy canes, and other holiday images entertained us for about 10 minutes. This time, Caila enjoyed the entire show. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to watch the next one which would be after an hour (we didn’t though). Good thing I recorded it on EBI, so that she could watch it over and over.

After, we went inside the mall where a huge Christmas tree stood. There was also Santa’s Grotto, more (smaller) trees, big presents, a tower of drums, toy soldiers, and other Christmas-related stuff. It was really pretty. The little one just kept going around and around, trying to look at everything. She wouldn’t be still for even a few seconds so that we could have a nice picture together. Unfortunately, Santa wasn’t there that time (maybe he was on a break) so Caila wasn’t able to meet him.

Nevertheless, we all had a good time. The air was really cool and the show and decorations we saw were really festive, helping to make us feel that the Christmas season is finally already here.

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