15 February 2011

their blessing arrived...

Last year in January (after months of trying), our good friend Dhenzio and his wife Ann found out that they were going to be parents soon. Of course, they were overjoyed! But, unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived because it was an ectopic pregnancy, and they had no choice but for Ann to undergo laparoscopy. You can imagine what a painful experience it was for them. It was really devastating. A few months later, they received the good news that Ann was pregnant again, and it was normal. Of course, they couldn’t forget what had happened earlier, so they were very careful to make sure that it would be a safe and healthy pregnancy.
Before New Year, Ann boarded the plane to the Philippines where they decided she would deliver...and a few minutes ago, I received a very excited call from Dhenzio, proudly sharing the great news that Ann just gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 2pm in the Philippines via normal delivery.
I’m really, really, really happy for them. After all they’ve been through (and believe me, they have had to experience really difficult and trying circumstances), it’s like a gush of fresh air for our two friends to receive this gift. We’re all just praying that things will work out and Dhenzio will be able to fly out to the Philippines so that he can hold his little angel in his arms very soon.
Welcome to our world, Chloe Mathea!

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