26 May 2015

A Date With Myself

A couple of days ago, what would have been a regular Sunday evening with Hubby turned out to be a pleasant night with the greatest person I’ve dated: me! I’m kidding…well, not really. Hahaha!

Actually, it’s been ages since I went on a date with myself. Sure I’ve sneaked some me-time to visit the salon or go window-shopping or walk around the park…but that’s different. Back when I was still single and in the Philippines, I would go out and watch a movie, eat at a fast food restaurant, walk around the malls and take time deciding what to buy, sit down and people-watch...  I even went to Divisoria a couple of times. All alone! And it felt really good! Seriously! Because I got to do what I wanted to do without having to worry whether someone else was bored or wanted to do something else.

So anyway, as I was saying, I went on a date alone last Sunday after work. Here’s why…

25 May 2015

Friday Brunch at Al Dawaar, Hyatt Regency

Our Mom and Dad from Germany are currently in town. Their last visit was 4 years ago, and this time they brought along Mom’s relatives, so we took them around the city again to show the different sights. One of the places we took them to last Friday was Al Dawaar in Hyatt Regency for brunch. It will be Hubby’s and my 7th anniversary later this month, and since they’ve never been there before, we decided to treat them there as an early celebration.

We were served appetizing bread and butter almost as soon as we sat down at our table, which Caila and Sophie just couldn’t get enough of. However, we made sure not to stuff ourselves too much of the bread so that we had room in our tummies for real food. We all had a light breakfast earlier (the night before, I told them not to eat too much), so we enjoyed practically everything that was served on the spread, especially the dessert!

23 May 2015

Our Mother’s Day Surprise

If you think our evening on the 7th of May ended uneventfully after Anne’s concert, think again.  Our husbands had planned something for us that swept us off our feet.  Here's what happened...

When Hubby fetched me, he wasn’t in Pepper. He had walked! His reason? He had been waiting for a while, but because there were so many cars causing a traffic jam in the area, he decided to park the car instead and walk to meet me. I was like “Huh?! Hindi kaya! Gumagalaw naman ah!

Anyway, so we walked to the place where he said he left the car. On the way, he asked if Bentoya was still open because he was feeling hungry. Since we were going to the airport to fetch his friend arriving from the Philippines, I said we could eat there instead. Still he insisted that he wanted to eat Japanese food, so I just agreed.

20 May 2015

On Not Announcing Your Pregnancy During the First Trimester

Disclaimer: No, I am not pregnant...yet.
There were my tests when I was pregnant with Sophie
Several people I know are either pregnant or have recently given birth. Of course I’m happy for them. No doubt these babies will bring them a certain chaotic life that, no matter how crazy it would be, they wouldn’t trade for the world.

But my thoughts which are the reason for this post came about because of this particular lady I know. Here’s her story…

17 May 2015

Girls' Night Out at Anne Curtis' This Is It Dubai! Concert

It’s been a while since I went on a night out with girl friends so when one of the KFC mom’s asked if any of us were interested to watch Anne Curtis’ upcoming show, I was one of the first to say “Yes!” Never mind if I wasn’t much of a fan; I simply wanted to spend a night with other mommies and have a good time.
We bought the tickets from our friend, and since he also happens to live near our place, I was appointed to gather the payments and collect the tickets.

04 May 2015

Applying for a Visit Visa to Canada in Dubai

When your child starts going to school, family vacations always need to be planned around the school calendar. Unfortunately though, in Caila’s school’s case, the holidays they have don’t exactly fall on ideal dates for us to go to the Philippines. Their school break, for example, falls between June and August which are the rainy months in our home country. Term breaks are December to January and March to April, wherein flight tickets are priced unbelievably high because of the peak seasons (Christmas, New Year, Graduation and Holy Week).

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