29 October 2011

monthsary date

My date with hubby pushed through last Thursday...and it was just the two of us as we planned. Right after hubby fetched me from work, we headed straight to DFC and purchased tickets to the 6pm screening of Rowan Atkinson's latest film. The movie was just about to start when we entered the theater, and since it was still early in the evening, the place wasn’t packed. However, the audience was mostly teenagers so we could hear loud howls of laughter from them during all of the funny scenes. Being a Rowan Atkinson film, it was funny. I don’t particularly like him as Mr. Bean because I think that character is just silly and stupid. Actually, there were times that he was like Mr. Bean in this movie, but most of the time, he (and the story) was amusing. One of my favorite scenes was the part where he and Agent Tucker (his sidekick) started singing "Don't Give Up On Us" in a helicopter. It was really hilarious!

Anyway, after the movie, we decided to eat at Papa John’s which was at the other end of the food court. Being the last day of the workweek, the mall was filled with so many people and the food court was packed with diners, so of course Papa John’s was also full. Fortunately, there was a couple who had just finished and were just waiting for their bill so we didn’t have to wait long to be seated when we arrived. We ordered their Meal for Two: a medium pizza, chicken wings and 2 drinks.

Out of all the pizza restaurants here in Dubai, we like California Pizza Kitchen and Papa John’s the most. The toppings are fresh and the doughs are so yummy that whenever I eat a slice, I finish everything...even the crusts. Papa John’s also provides different dipping sauces for the pizza; this time, they gave us the Garlic sauce. Usually I like it, but instead of a garlic taste, it seemed to be more like melted butter and cream with just a tinge of garlic. Unlike hubby who opted to use the Tabasco sauce, I still used the dip because it added flavor to the pizza.

The chicken wings were just ok; they were a bit oily though, which was obvious in the way they were served
see the drips of oil around the plate?
this kind of irked me because it’s as if they don’t care about the presentation

Finally, just before we asked for our bill, we ordered a small Hawaiian pizza to take home for Caila; it was also her month-birthday anyway. And since it took the servers so long to give us our bill and take-away pizza, we took photos of each other
It was our first date after such a long time; and even though we didn’t do anything different or exciting, just spending a few hours together was more than enough for us to celebrate our monthsary again.

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