27 February 2011

our few seconds of fame

Last Friday, we (me, hubby, Caila, yaya and my sister) went to Mamzar for this.
It was just like the other Dubai Terry Fox Run’s I joined in the past...EXCEPT I was interviewed by a leading newspaper. Cool huh?!

as my daughter turns 2

My dear Caila,

Today marks your second year of existence in the world, and the only sad thing about it is it confirms what Daddy and I notice every day when we look at you...that you are a baby no more.
But, of course, this sadness is nothing compared to the fact that every time I look at you, I am amazed at how much you’ve grown, how you slowly change and develop your own individuality...making me proud you’re my daughter.

24 February 2011

my early birthday gift

My birthday is still a month away, but hubby said he wanted to take advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival offers, so off we went to Deira City Centre a few days ago to buy his birthday gift for me.

16 February 2011

caila's first dental visit

Yesterday, Caila had her first appointment with the dentist.
She was supposed to have had her teeth checked last year at one of the government hospitals here in Dubai (around July or September, I think), but she was in the Philippines then. When she came back, we just didn’t think it was a priority, so we didn’t bother to reschedule the appointment. It was only a few weeks ago when one of the n@wies in our e-group brought up the subject (of teeth, dentists and bad breath) that made me realize the importance of Caila’s oral hygiene. Don’t get me wrong, her teeth aren’t rotten or deformed or anything. Actually, before bedtime and after she’s had sweets, we make sure to brush Caila’s teeth. Hubby and I just wanted to make sure her teeth were developing properly.

15 February 2011

their blessing arrived...

Last year in January (after months of trying), our good friend Dhenzio and his wife Ann found out that they were going to be parents soon. Of course, they were overjoyed! But, unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived because it was an ectopic pregnancy, and they had no choice but for Ann to undergo laparoscopy. You can imagine what a painful experience it was for them. It was really devastating.

pregnant...in my dreams

Last night (or maybe it was this morning), I had a weird dream.
I dreamt that many of the people I know were getting pregnant (which is true) and most of them were on their second child even though their first was just 1 year old (also true). The next thing I know, I was also pregnant and had a schedule at the hospital to deliver.

05 February 2011

dubai terry fox run 2011

Ever since I came to Dubai, I've made it a point to participate in the Terry Fox Run every year...that is until I became pregnant and the last few runs have taken place in Abu Dhabi. This year, finally, it's returning to Dubai. Yay!
Here are the details if anyone is interested:
Date: Friday, 25 February 2011
Venue: Al Mamzar Park Route
Length: 8.5km
Registration on the day will start at 8am
The run will start at 9:30am sharp

02 February 2011

please and thank you

Words that we were taught so early in life, you’d have thought that it would be automatic for everyone to say when they ask or receive something.
It seems to me that people with good manners are becoming a rare specie these days. What a pity!
Let's hope that the kids who watch Barney will remember at least this song of his even when they've long outgrown him.

There are lots of things
We can do to be nice,
Sometimes they're hard to remember.
But there are two little things
You should never forget,
From January through December.
He's talking 'bout please and thank you,
They're called the magic words,
If you want nice things to happen,
They're the words that should be heard,
Remember please and thank you,
'Cause they're the magic words.
Use 'em in the morning, at noon, and night,
'Cause it's a great way to be polite!
Please and thank you,
They're the magic words.


I have absolutely zero knowledge with what features and specs in a laptop are considered “cool,” “lufet,” and “asteeeeg” (hubby’s and his friends’ words, not mine).
So just in case you’re wondering, here are the specs of the HP DV6-3298SE I got for hubby:

01 February 2011

happy hubby's hp lappy

Last night, after months of searching, I was finally able to buy the laptop hubby wanted.

During last year’s Gitex, he mentioned that he wanted to replace his old laptop because it was, well, old. Plus, he needed a new updated model where he could work on his templates and whatevers if he needed to bring home some work. So, that time, I told him that that would be my birthday gift to him (his birthday was still 2 months later). Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one that he liked. We looked around the shops, but still there was nothing. And then, Ate Cel came and we had all these expenses, so hubby said that it would be better to delay buying the laptop for a while. Little did he know that I had already put aside the money and had no intention to use it except to buy his gift; I was ready anytime.

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