24 January 2011

japanese pasalubong

Yesterday, our big boss from the Japan head office came to Dubai for another short visit.
For 2 weeks prior to his arrival, he had requested me to book flights, make a hotel reservation, and change his flights and hotel booking several times.
When he arrived at the office, he handed me 2 different boxes. One box was for me and my family only (as per his instructions), and the other was for the rest of the staff to share.
For my colleagues, it was a box of Yoku Moku cookies (yummy!). For me, it was a box of Godiva Chocolatier biscuits (wow!).
In the evening, when I got home and showed Caila the Godiva box, she asked me to open it right away. As expected, they were delish!
I sure hope I always receive goodies like this in exchange for the countless bookings and changes I have to make for the big boss. It would make the stress all worth it.
Yeah, I know...ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko! Hahaha!

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