15 May 2011

our little christian

Three instances last night...

In the car on our way home, we were all quiet, just listening to the radio, when all of a sudden Caila broke the silence...
Caila: Ahhhhmeeeeehhhhhnn! Ahhhhmeeeeehhhhhnn! AHHHHHMEEEEHHHHNNNN!!!
Me: Anong kanta yun, ‘nak?
Caila: Jesus.
Hubby: Huh?!

There's a few seconds of silence while Hubby and I tried to figure out what she meant.
Me: Ah! AMEN! Kaya pala. Kay Jesus pala yung song. Ok ah!
Hubby: Very good ang Caila namin! Ang galing!
Caila: Ahhhhmeeeeehhhhhnn! Ahhhhmeeeeehhhhhnn! AHHHHHMEEEEHHHHNNNN!!!
Hubby and Me: (clapping) Yaay! Galing-galing! Sali ka sa choir, anak ha.

Before bedtime in our room...
Me: Caila, sleep na tayo. Do you want milk?
Caila: Opo. Milk.

Before I went to the kitchen to prepare her milk, I saw her approach our altar on the bedside-table where the candle was still burning. Instead of warning her to be careful, I just kept my distance to see what she would do...and this is what she did:
She put her hands together, said “God.” Then nodded her head, and said “God” again. She touched the crucifix and the Holy Family, said “Jesus,” and finally “Amen.” Then she put her hand on her forehead and chest (part of the sign of the cross), and said “Amen” before crossing her arms on top of the side-table. After that, she turned to me, smiled, and gave me a hug.

In bed...
Hubby: ‘Nak, you want Daddy to sing?
Caila: Daddy sing
Hubby: Sige. Kanta ako ng song ni God?
Caila: God
Hubby: Ok (he then sings I Love You).
Caila: (after Hubby finishes the song) Isa pa.
Hubby: Ok. Pero dapat sing din si Caila. Kanta tayo ng Amen?
Caila: Opo
Caila and Hubby: Ahhhhmeeeeehhhhhnn! Ahhhhmeeeeehhhhhnn! AHHHHHMEEEEHHHHNNNN!!!

And if that’s not enough, they sing another song.
Caila and Hubby: Aaaahhhleeeehhhluyaaaaaahhhh! Aaaahhhleeeehhhluyaaaaaahhhh! ALLELUIAAAA!!!!

It’s really nice to see that our daughter is already showing signs of having faith in God and being a good Christian. These are just some of the instances that melt my heart, making me feel proud and assuring me that Hubby and I are doing the right thing in the way we’re raising our little girl.

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