13 March 2011

a guy at a strictly ladies only salon

Yesterday, I went to this Chinese salon in Naif to have my hair rebonded. Being a weekend, it was full of ladies, with majority of them having the same intention for their hair as mine. Fortunately, even though all of the 3 rooms were packed, I was taken care of right away by one of the Chinese ladies.
Anyway, while she was putting the cream (or whatever you call it) on my hair, a Filipino guy arrived saying that the salon’s Rigga branch directed him there because they did men’s hair. Although I didn’t hear any surprised shrieks coming from the ladies, I did hear one of the Chinese staff shouting (on the phone I guess, with someone from their Rigga branch) in their language. In the end, after much discussion, they allowed the guy to have his hair REBONDED (yup, you read right; and no, he didn't look gay...but maybe he was silahis). They directed him to a separate office where he had to wait and where they put cream on his hair. After some time, he was led in the salon to have his hair washed by the lady who was assigned to me; and after that, the same lady told him to sit on one of the stools, gave him a hairdryer, and told him to dry his hair. The rest of the guy’s entire hair rebonding process was done in the same room where I was in. When he was done, instead of leaving the salon, he told the receptionist that he would just wait inside for his female friends to finish having their hair rebonded.
Honestly, I was really surprised. Here in Dubai, salons for men and women are separate and there is no ladies salon anywhere that allows men to enter. At the salon, I distinctly saw that they had put a “NO MALES ALLOWED” sign on the door, so I don’t know why they still allowed the guy to enter...and stay to wait for his friends. I’m not sensitive or anything (because in the Philippines, men and women share beauty parlors and gays are rampant everywhere). I was just shocked that despite the country’s rules, and the salon’s own regulations, they still served him. Maybe they allowed him because he was going to pay a hefty amount, or maybe he was able to charm them (just guessing here).
I guess the old adage is true...there will always be an exception (or special considerations) to the rule, no matter how strictly implemented it is.

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