28 September 2011

breastfeeding, button pins and n@w

I know Breastfeeding Month is already over, but please understand that the delay of this post is because of my brother. Actually, it’s not really his fault; I just wanted to blame him. You’ll find out why soon (Hehehe. I love you, Kuya!).

For those who don’t know yet, I’m a member of N@W (Newlyweds at Work), a community of women and a few men, most of whom have crossed over from W@W (Weddings at Work). N@Wies (as what we call ourselves) talk about all sorts of things in the forum: pregnancy, in-laws, travelling tips, store sales, showbiz, etc. Around the middle of the year, breastfeeding became a hot topic and babywearing meets were organized.

To make the long story short, Mimma Benz and her husband Abet (the two founders of W@W and N@W) came up with breastfeed button pins instead of using plain nametags for these meets. Pretty chic, huh? Even though I stopped breastfeeding Caila a long time ago and there was no chance for me to attend a babywearing meet in the Philippines, I asked Benz if it was possible for me to order the black button pin as well. Feeling close ‘no? Actually, I was really hesitant to ask her at first. Kasi si BENZ RANA yun! Kung tutuusin, celebrities silang dalawa mag-asawa sa Philippine wedding industry eh.

Anyway, she was really nice and confirmed everything. However, my brother (whose address I gave) never mentioned a word about receiving something for me. This is why I blame him. A month after our exchange of e-mail messages, I just figured it probably got lost or something. But then, knowing Benz, you can always count on her; and when she says she’ll do something (no matter how small it may be), she’ll do it.

On our first morning in the Philippines, Mama handed me the few stuff I got through the mail (alumni newsletters, bank letters, etc.). But the one thing that really excited me was a small brown (slightly bulky) envelope. Although it didn’t have a sender’s address, I automatically thought of Benz and the button pin and immediately ripped it open...and to my delight, I found this:

That’s not all. She added this one as well
Aren’t they simply cool?!

Even though this is a few months late, allow me to say Thank You, Benz! I really, really love them! And thank you na rin for putting up W@W and N@W; napakalaking tulong talaga ng dalawang e-group na ‘to!

Obviously I haven’t taken the button pins out from their plastic packaging yet, because I’m saving them for when we have our second bundle of joy. And that’s when I’ll proudly show off that I’m a breastfeeding mother...and with a loving husband and N@W, no matter how hard it will be, I can be sure that I’ll have the support I need.

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