15 June 2011

day 5: blue

The fifth color of the rainbow connotes peace, loyalty, and faith. From afar, the earth is mainly a combination of green (land) and blue (water), and water comprises about 70% of the planet. During the (first) Aquino and Ramos administrations in the Philippines, we experienced a lot of brownouts, and if these lasted for hours, our water supply would consequently stop. That was difficult because we used water to do almost everything (wash stuff, take a shower, drink, cook, etc). It didn’t matter if we didn’t have electricity but water was a big necessity. So I guess blue for me also represents life.
source: www.123rf.com

I remember I used to wear blue contact lenses for I-can't-remember-how-long when I was working in the Philippines. That was when I was too lazy to wear glasses; so instead of wearing clear contacts, I chose blue-colored ones. I know Filipinos don't have natural blue eyes, but I guess I was just crazy that way. Bumagay naman, so ok lang =)

This color also happens to be the motif of our wedding. Actually, it was turquoise, but it looks pretty much the same.
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