14 March 2011

her first flower from a boy

This happened last night at the St. Mary's Church compound.
The main hall was closed and we didn't want to sit in the church full of so many people, so we opted to hear the mass from outside (near the basketball court). While waiting for the mass to begin, Caila was just playing around with the kids of our friends who were nearby. Then suddenly, a little boy around 5 years old, walked up to her and gave her a pink bouganvilla. It was so cute! At this age, everything is innocent so I wasn't worried.
Then I realized...isn't it that many women out there, when searching for the right guy for them, ask the divine powers to give them a sign, and one of the signs they look for is that the guy should give them flowers at church (or something like that)? So, if and when my daughter grows up and asks for that sign, I'll just tell her that she got that sign already and all she has to do is look for that boy...NOT! Not that he wasn't goodlooking. He was cute, with his very curly hair. It's just that my daughter is too young (she's only two years old!). She has her whole life ahead of her to enjoy before settling down; and besides, just like her daddy said "marami syang paiiyakin na lalake paglaki nya" (hehehe).
But you have to agree, it was cute. And as a remembrance, I'm going to keep the flower in her scrapbook. You never know...baka maging parang koreanovela or pelikula ang lovelife ng anak ko =)

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