23 June 2011

our lady of guadalupe

Her image arrived at our home last night, and we welcomed her with open hearts.

Since we got married, she’s visited our family three times already. The first was when I was pregnant; the second was when Caila was a year old; and now, she’s with us again. The first two times, we were still living in Karama. This is the first time we had her with us in our new home.

Whenever she visits, we always happen to receive some sort of blessing; either our prayers are answered, or something better comes our way. But blessings aside, I always like it when she stays with us. We are obliged to pray together as a couple and family every day, and doing so always helps in strengthening our relationship and faith.

Welcome to our home, Our Lady of Guadalupe! source: www.our-lady.net

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