11 February 2018

How to Get a Papal Blessing Parchment

Years ago, I told Hubby that I wanted us to have a renewal of vows for our tenth wedding anniversary.  I wanted to have another wedding, complete with an entourage, with me wearing a beautiful wedding gown and hubby wearing a tux, and reception dinner, Unfortunately, we never set aside any budget for it nor did we actually sit down and plan anything, and since our anniversary is in three months, you can be sure that that idea won't be pushing through.

We still haven't planned on what we're going to do to celebrate this year, but I didn't want this marriage milestone to pass without us having anything special to remember it by.  So I thought and thought, checked the internet, did whatever I needed to do, and sooner than I expected, received this from the Vatican!
It's a Papal Blessing!

Looking at it and knowing how significant it is makes me realize this is much better than spending our money on a party that will only last a day.  This is a blessing from Pope Francis!  For our marriage! How cool is that?!

And if you'll be celebrating a similar milestone soon, you can get one too because it's soooo easy! 

Here are the occasions you can request for parchment Papal Blessings:
• Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation
• Marriage
• Priestly Ordination
• Religious Profession
• Secular Consecration
• Ordinations of Permanent Deacons
• Marriage Anniversaries (10, 25, 40, 50 , 60 years)*
• Birthdays (18, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100)*
• Catholic individuals* or families* (with name and surname of the spouses united in a religious marriage).
The asterisk (*) indicates the need for the Nihil Obstat or approval of Ecclesiastical Authority.

And here's how we got ours:

1) I downloaded the Request Form here, completed the information, and saved the form.

2) Since it was for our Marriage Anniversary, I had to get the Nihil Obstat of the church where our wedding took place.  Fortunately, when I sent an email with the form attached, they replied after a few days with the document stamped and signed by the Parish Priest.
3) Requests can be sent via courier or regular post to Elemosineria Apostolica - Office of Papal Charities, 00120 Vatican City, but I chose the faster way and sent the form via fax to +3906-69883132. Unfortunately, the Parchment Office does not receive e-mail or phone requests.

4) Their website states that it takes approximately one month, but we received our Benediction Papalis just one week after I sent the form.  So fast!
5)  With the parchment was a paper stating how much it was (ours was €38, which also included the courier charges) and the steps on how to make the payment, which I immediately followed.  Yup, the payment is made after you receive the Papal Blessing.  That's how much faith they have in people!

And that's it!

You (or the person/couple/family who will receive this parchment) will be very grateful to get this.  It's definitely a blessing that will be treasured.

Of course Hubby and I are going to have ours framed and displayed in our home, because something unique and special as this (and big at 40cm x 32cm!) shouldn't be kept hidden.

As for our renewal of vows with my dream wedding ceremony and reception, I'm still hoping that one day it will become a reality.  I guess it can wait until our silver wedding anniversary and our kids can shoulder the expenses ☺

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