29 March 2012

i'm still here

So much has happened since I last blogged anything here and the reason I haven’t blogged about any of them yet is because I’ve been so busy. My line manager is leaving soon and we’ve hired a new one, plus our DGM and our Engineering General Manager left yesterday, so of course there were so many things I had to take care of (cancellations, meetings, handovers, etc) before they officially left our office. And then new Japanese managers are joining us beginning the 1st of April, so of course there’s a lot of preparations that need to be done prior to their arrival to Dubai.

Usually the Saturdays when we work aren’t really busy, so hopefully I’ll be able to at least draft some posts this coming Saturday. On the other hand though, that day is also the last day of our Fiscal Year so there’s a lot of reports I have to prepare, have checked, and send to Japan. Oh well. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve just got to grin and bear the stress I’m going through. Stay happy everyone!

14 March 2012

sweet daddy

Caila wasn’t feeling well the other night. She had woken up from her afternoon nap with a fever, and although her temperature had gone down by the time Hubby and I arrived home, she was still a bit weak. As we were trying to sleep that night, she kept tossing and turning, and letting out small whimpers. We tried cuddling her, letting her pinch the skin around our elbows, etc, but to no avail…she just couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, Hubby asked if she wanted him to carry her, to which she quickly nodded, immediately stood up, and raised her arms. For 15 to 20 minutes, he carried her in the darkness of our room, swaying her to and fro to help make her sleep. Actually, she had already fallen asleep within less than 10 minutes, and Hubby could have easily lay her down on the bed right away, but instead he kept on carrying and swaying her for much longer than he needed to...and to think he was already exhausted from work and some things he had to do at home! It was such a sweet scene that I couldn’t resist taking a picture and blog about it here.
just one of a million reasons why I love Hubby

13 March 2012

went on a date…finally!

After so long, Hubby and I finally had the chance to spend some quality time for ourselves. You see, ever since December, he’s been working overtime (or to make it clear, O-TY) practically every day; and during the times that he gets to leave the office on time, we would both rather stay at home. Add this to the fact that since the start of my pregnancy, I’ve been too lazy to go out again once I get home from work; and I always felt guilty if I went home and then left again, leaving behind my daughter. Would you believe that we didn’t even go out last Valentine’s Day because he had to stay late at work, and I just didn’t feel like joining the rest of the couples on the roads and malls? Fortunately, Hubby’s workload began to ease last week, allowing him to leave the office earlier than the past months, which made us consider pushing through with our long overdue date.

plastic on shoe soles

Have you ever noticed that, while trying on shoes in the shops or wearing a new pair, you tend to slip or slide? And do you know why? If you know, well, good for you. Because it was only last night when I found out that it’s because the soles usually have clear plastic at the bottom. Seriously, I didn’t know!

Just a short background…since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been trying to avoid wearing heels. Unfortunately, the only flats I have that are suitable for the office are a brown suede/cloth-like pair and a black Crocs pair (which aren’t really pang-opisina, but acceptable nonetheless). So during the times that I have meetings or interviews and I have to dress up a bit, I have to wear my heels (which I keep under my desk). Last night though, I had to buy a new pair because our company is taking part in the WETEX (Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition), and I’ll be spending some time at our stand. Of course it wouldn’t be proper to wear the flats that I already have, and I cannot wear heels for 4 straight hours, so I just had to buy a pair of decent black flats.

her 3rd birthday party

Because the only thing our daughter wanted for her 3rd birthday was a Hello Kitty cake, and since our close friends had been planning to spend the night at our place that time, Hubby and I decided to invite my sister, our ET barkada, and Caila’s godparents and have a small celebration at home on the 2nd of March.

Since it was a very small gathering, we just sent the invitation by e-mail, and we didn’t bother to buy any decorations or balloons. Caila was the only kid, so unlike last year, we didn’t have to spruce up the place. However, the n@wie in me still wanted to make the apartment look festive, so I just looked for some ideas on the internet and from other n@wies, printed, cut, and pasted them on our walls and doors. When my sister arrived, she had brought some Hello Kitty party cups and blow-outs to add to the theme.

11 March 2012

the secret i’ve been keeping

I haven’t been completely honest for the past 3 months. Although I’ve been hinting about my condition in a few posts, it’s only now that I’m confident to share the news here. Why only now? Well, let’s just say I wanted to get past the risky period first before revealing it. Although many of our friends know (when they ask, we answer), Hubby and I haven’t declared it openly (via FB) yet. I’m sure you can guess what it is, but just to keep you guessing, here’s a rundown of the posts that have clues:

07 March 2012


For three consecutive nights (or mornings), I’ve been having really weird and filthy dreams.

In my first dream, I was in the bathroom to do a #2. Just as I was about to flush the toilet, I noticed that my wallet (which happened to be a men’s wallet) had fallen out of my pants pocket and was inside, floating in the yucky, brown mess. And because it was thick with bills sticking out, I bravely ignored my disgust and scooped it out. Gross, I know. While I was washing it, the wallet became a big ladies’ bag. And that’s where it ended.

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