05 June 2011

pasalubong from germany

Almost 2 weeks ago, my sister went to Germany for an international tourism exhibition, and being the nice sister she is (love you, Ate!), she brought us some goodies:

All sorts of stationeries from different companies/countries who participated. Very useful for my job! But because I’ve loved stationery since I was a little girl, I just tend to keep them. As much as possible, I don’t want to use them because they’re just so cute and nice and I don’t want to waste them. Yeah, I know...weird!Bags. I like the clear plastic one. Can you see the pictures on the side? The other side has one like that as well, and it has pockets where you can remove the pictures and replace them with your own to make it more personal. Cute huh! And now that summer is here in Dubai, it’s a good bag to use when going out, especially to the beach or parkA hand-fan, tequila shot-mug and keychain. Actually there were 2 keychains; the other one we gave to Ate CelA bracelet for Caila so she would stop using the rosaries. Too heavy and sosyal for a toddler if you ask me.A penguin finger puppet (again for Caila)A shirt for hubbyAnd a box of mini-chocolates, 3 different Milka bars and 2 bars of Ferrero Yogurette chocolates! I swear these.are.delicious! The box with the mini-chocolates were full of course, but before I could take a photo of it, hubby and Caila had finished almost all of it. Milka from Dubai tastes nothing like German Milka; it’s more...umm...err...basta super dooper mas masarap! As for the Yogurettes, it was our first time to try them and they were absolutely yummy - a creamy mix of sweet and sour goodness - my kind of chocolate!
Thank you for the pasalubongs, Ate! Sa uulitin! =)

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