day 4: green

Green represents nature, freshness and growth. Lately, so many groups are promoting "going green." Although I'm not much of an advocate, I try to help save the planet in whatever small way I can. Plus, it's so refreshing to be surrounded by trees, plants and flowers that are in full bloom wherever we go...definitely much better than being enveloped in dark pollution!

Green happens to be the color of my alma mater and I couldn’t imagine myself getting my degree from any other school. I’m definitely proud to be a La Sallian (not La Sallista, ok!). I chose this school primarily because it was one of the best universities in the country and I didn’t have to commute so much. Considering that I had never commuted by myself outside our subdivision before, that was a very important factor for me.

I like green because it also signifies money...and who doesn’t want money? =)


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