02 August 2011

maybe in their culture

These instances Hubby and I had with our colleagues just make me happy that I'm a Filipino who married because of love.

One day after work, Hubby and I went to the nearby hypermarket to buy some stuff before going home. We were walking towards the entrance holding hands (yeah, we still do that) when Hubby saw one of his colleagues. They didn’t stop to chat but just waved at each other and went on.
The following day at work, Hubby and the colleague we saw the day before were in a group just chatting together. Suddenly, that colleague made kwento to the group that he saw Hubby with a woman, whom he said isn’t his wife because they were holding hands!
Sa kanila kasi, pag kinasal na sila, wala na yung alalay o akbay o hawak-kamay! Ganon?!

As for me, I also had a similar conversation.
Since Hubby had to work overtime, I asked one of our company drivers to drop me home since it was on his way to his apartment. On the way, Hubby called me and we talked (of course in Tagalog). As we ended the conversation, we exchanged “I love you’s” before hanging up. Suddenly, I heard my colleague laughing (as in talagang halakhak ha). When I asked why, he said “When people get married, they learn to lie all the time.” I didn’t understand so I asked him what made him say that. His answer? “Why do you always say I love you? You don’t love the person. That’s why when you say I love you to your husband or wife, you’re lying.”
Huh?! Inisip ko na lang na maybe that’s what he thinks because in their country, majority of their marriages are almost always fixed.

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