18 May 2013

pinas trip: pusong ina

I thought I could handle it, but as it turns out, my heart couldn't.  I thought that since it's going to be just one week, the days would pass quickly.  Obviously it's not as easy as I thought, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about this here.  My first night and I'm an emotional wreck.  And Friday can't come fast enough for me.  The thing is, I'm currently in the Philippines...all alone.  Actually, not really "all alone" because I'm here at our family home with a couple of my cousins...but, well, it doesn't feel like home because the atmosphere is totally different.  For one thing, Mama isn't here (obviously, she's in Dubai) which is most probably the main reason why the house isn't homey.

13 May 2013

kilig thursday q's

The n@wies have a weekly tradition wherein every Thursday, there’s a set of questions to be answered so that all of the members can get to know each other better. I admit, I’m not that active in replying to the weekly set of questions. However, when Clarice started the thread last Thursday, I wanted to share my answers. Nakaka-kilig kasi. And since we’ll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year, I thought it’s a great way to look back and reminisce.

tribute to all mothers

One of my favorite motherhood tribute videos.  I may be one day late, but I believe we should thank all the mothers out there for everything they've done for us every single day. 
Happy Mother's Day!

08 May 2013

neuhaus le carré 10 flavours chocolates

Aren’t these pretty? 

One of my colleagues had just arrived from his European vacation and these chocolates were his omiyage /pasalubongs for us. When the box was being passed around, I just took 3 (milk speculoos, dark raspberry, and dark exotic lime). But because they looked so cute and colorful, I couldn’t resist getting the rest of the 7 flavours (takaw much?!). Initially I had planned to take a photo of the 10 flavours and then return the 7...but then, that was just the plan. I decided to use the image from the Neuhaus website instead kasi nakakahiya sa mga amo ko kung makita nila na kinukunan ko ang tsokolate.

free health assessment for women

Most of us may be our family’s Super Mom, but we still need to do our part in making sure our bodies are as healthy and fit as a superhero’s. And what better time to have our health checked than now?! It’s Mother’s Day month after all. Which brings me to this...
I shared this on facebook and forwarded it to some forums and several of my friends as well. And if you noticed, the assessment is FREE! You just need to book your appointment in advance to avoid the rush. Just a tip: It’s better to have your appointment in the morning because you need to fast for 10-12 hours prior.

So pick up your phone and book your appointment now. You never know...this just might save your life.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to do my part in sharing this great piece of information to the women of Dubai.

01 May 2013

color me happy

I haven’t been my usual self lately. Actually, I didn’t really notice until earlier when 2 managers told me (on separate occasions) that they haven’t seen “the cheerful and smiling Pamela” that they’re used to seeing every day. What’s bothering me? Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t pinpoint any reason why. Busy with work? Yes, but I’m managing. Tired? Not really. That time of the month? Hmm...it’s possible.

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