04 July 2011

i'm a 'te?!

Last night during my regular walk around the park, I passed by a woman who was also walking (but in the opposite direction)...and boy did she smell! It was a mix of too much perfume, sweat, and body odor, so you can imagine how much it irritated my nose. But that’s not the focus of my story; this is just how it began.

While I was rubbing my nose and the air in annoyance, two guys passed by me and one of them asked out “Mabaho ba, ‘te?” I didn’t answer because I didn’t know them and they were also heading towards the opposite direction after the woman. But that moment made me realize unhappily that I am now a ‘TE! As in “older sister!” Syet! Not long ago, I could easily pass off as a young lady or even a college student, and people would call me “Miss.” Now, I was called ‘Te, and I wasn’t even wearing my glasses. AUGH!

Do I really look that old?! The last time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t have any wrinkles, nor did I have any (obvious) gray or white hairs on my head. I thought my petite height would at least help me cheat my age for a few years. Haaaay!

Oh well. Maybe I’m just thinking too much of what the guy said. I wasn’t able to look at him since I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so maybe he was in his early twenties, and considering that I’m already in my thirties...well, we’re not exactly in the same age range, right?

Still, it’s kind of upsetting to be pointed out that I’m not as young as I thought I looked before...and by a stranger too.

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