13 June 2011

day 3: yellow

Smileys are yellow, and it’s no wonder because this color depicts sunshine, happiness and optimism. Come to think of it, looking back, this color actually brings back some happy memories.

When I joined our church group to go to Germany for the WYD in 2005, we always wore these yellow jackets that were sponsored by Dubai Duty Free. Because of this, we were known to the people of Gelsenkirchen as “The Yellow-Coated Angels.”
Lei and me being interviewed by a local newspaper reporter in Essen

That was the trip where I met my German family and where Papa was able to keep his promise to me.

When we still lived in Papua New Guinea, my family used to have this bright yellow-colored Suzuki van. During weekends, we would all hop in that van and spend the entire day at the beach or park with other Filipino families; we didn’t care if we became as dark-colored as the local people from all the swimming and playing under the bright sun. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of those years with me so I could post it here; they're all back in the Philippines...but those sure were the good old days (sigh!).

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