09 November 2011

the washlet

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we would be moving to a new building. Last Thursday before the Eid Al Adha holidays was our last day at our old office, so when we went back to work yesterday, we went to our new office. As expected, it was a busy day. Everyone was unpacking, sorting out their stuff, reading and taking the required actions of e-mail messages that had accumulated over the holiday, and all the other things you usually do when you move into a new office. There were still some furniture that hadn’t been delivered yet so not everyone was able to settle down completely; but generally, we were ok.

What made everybody curious were the washlets. Since no one (except for a few engineers who had gone to Japan for trainings) had used these high tech toilets before, almost everyone kept asking each other if they had tried it, and if so, how it worked.

Yesterday, since I was really busy, I didn’t have the patience to try it. There were just too many buttons and (like majority of my colleagues) I was afraid that it might break down if I pushed the wrong one. They weren’t in Japanese so they should be pretty easy to understand and follow. But still, I was hesitant, and instead just used some water and toilet paper as what I’ve been used to.

But after lunch today, after hearing a female colleague rave about it, I decided to try it out. And it was so cool! It can wash and dry, according to the temperature and pressure you want, and you can adjust the water or air towards the front or rear. But all of these things can only be done when you sit down because of the sensor. I also noticed that the seat was very warm (very comforting as the whole office is really cold because of the blasting air conditioning), the temperature of which can also be adjusted.
Now who would have thought that something as simple as a toilet could be so amazing?!

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