01 May 2011

daddy can finally sing

Remember this? Well, here’s something similar that happened last night...
Hubby had just finished reading a story to Caila so I turned out the lights.
Caila: Mommy, sing please.
Me: What do you want me to sing?
Caila: Happiness...Owais (Eidelweiss)...Smile
Me: Huh?! E kagabi kinanta ko na yun lahat para sa yo. Si Daddy na lang ang magsi-sing.
(to hubby) Sige na, mahal, ikaw naman.
Hubby: Uhh. Sige, ako na mag-sing. What do you want me to sing?
Caila: Happiness
Hubby: Ok. Pero dapat tulungan mo si Daddy kasi hindi ko alam lahat eh.
(he then starts to sing) Happiness is -
Caila: Stop! Hindi alam!
(meaning he doesn’t know the song so he shouldn’t sing it anymore)
I silently giggled
Hubby: O sige. Eidelweiss na lang?
Caila: Owais
Hubby: Ok. Eidelweiss, eidelweiss. Every morning –
Caila: Stop! Mommy lang!
(meaning only I should sing that song to her)
I was trying hard not to laugh
Hubby: Haaay! Ok. Smile na lang?
Caila: Smile.
Hubby: Smile, though your heart is breaking. Smile mmhmmm...
(he didn't know the words so he just hummed)
Caila: Stop! (she shook her head and covered his mouth) Hindi alam!
I was practically laughing out loud at that point. Even hubby couldn’t help laughing!
Finally, hubby had an idea.
Hubby: Alam ko na. Kakanta na lang ako ng song ni God.
Caila: Song God?
Hubby: Opo.
(he then proceeded to sing I Love You)
All the while, Caila fidgeted around; she drank milk, pinched the skin around my elbows, anything.
Then, when Hubby reached the last verse, she held his face and planted a kiss on his mouth with matching MWAH!
Hubby: (still singing)...love you.
(clapping) Wow! Mahal, finally, nakakanta ka ng buong kanta! Yehey! Hahaha!
Caila also clapped her hands and kissed him again.
Hubby: Oo nga! Tapos kiniss pa ako! Ang sarap! Hay salamat! Sa wakas! Nakakanta na rin ako! Hahaha!
And that’s how hubby finally got the chance to sing Caila an entire song.

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