15 February 2011

pregnant...in my dreams

Last night (or maybe it was this morning), I had a weird dream.
I dreamt that many of the people I know were getting pregnant (which is true) and most of them were on their second child even though their first was just 1 year old (also true). The next thing I know, I was also pregnant and had a schedule at the hospital to deliver. But then, when I looked down at my tummy, it was so small, like I was only 4 months on the way (parang bilbil lang, actually). However, in my mind, I knew that I was pregnant full-term already. When I pointed it out to my mom, she became puzzled, but not shocked; she didn’t even panic. She just calmly told me to schedule an appointment with my OB to look into it. After that, I kept looking at my tummy and pressing it and squeezing it, you know, to see if it would hurt or something. It didn’t hurt, but when I felt and saw a kind of small hand, I immediately stopped what I was doing. And that’s when I woke up.
Weird huh?! Hubby and I had agreed earlier that we would wait until Caila was at least 4 years old before we would try for another child, so we’re not trying to get pregnant anytime soon.
I really don’t know what the dream means. Any ideas?


  1. Hi Sis,

    Fellow n@wie here. According to dreammoods.com,

    To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal. Alternatively, if you are trying to get pregnant, then the dream may be a wish fulfillment. If you are not trying to get pregnant, but dream that you are, then it symbolizes fear of new responsibilities.�

    If you are really pregnant and have this dream, then it represents your anxieties about the pregnancy. If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, then your dreams tend to be about tiny creatures, fuzzy animals, flowers, fruit and water. In the second trimester, dreams will reflect anxieties about being a good mother and concerns about possible complications with the birth. Dreams of giving birth to a non-human baby are also common during this period of the pregnancy. Finally, in the third trimester, dreams consists of your own mother. As your body changes and grows, dreams of whales, elephants and dinosaurs and other larger animals may also start appearing at this stage of pregnancy.

    To dream that you are pregnant with the baby dying inside of you, suggests that a project you had put a lot of effort into is falling apart and slowly deteriorating. Nothing is working out the way you had anticipated."

    Sorry, napahaba. ;)

  2. thanks sis! although confused pa rin ako (hehehe). i realized that maybe i had that dream coz manganganak pala that day yung friend namin. coincidence kasi =)


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