20 March 2011

singing for christ

I miss singing praise and worship songs at SFC activities and gatherings.
I didn’t realize it, until I found myself practicing last Tuesday at Rashid Park with some of the Singles of the Music Ministry I used to sing with. Fortunately, I was familiar with most of the songs, and those that I didn’t know were pretty easy to pick-up. Though there weren't any voicings, we blended well (at least, I think we did).
Because all of their Chapter members were either busy or had some responsibility in the activity we were going to sing at, Tesha asked the former Chapter A3 SFCs (now YCFCs) to help out. Fortunately, hubby and I were available, so I joined Tesha, Ivy and Mervin in the Music Min and hubby took care of the Documentation.
The Tongues Workshop was held in one of the ballrooms of City Seasons Hotel last Thursday evening. Once we got there (hubby and I arrived late after the call time), we could see that everything had already been set up, ready for the speaker and participants (ie facilitators, household leaders, prayer partners, etc); good thing we arrived just in time for the service team prayer.
It was great to serve again in SFC. I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy while at the Workshop, singing for God.
As it was going on, I was looking at the facilitators and their prayer partners, and I could practically see the Holy Spirit working on every one of them. There were those who cried, some were smiling and looking peaceful, I heard people clapping, and a majority of them were speaking in tongues! Even though I’ve attended several Tongues Workshops before, I’m always amazed at how powerful the Spirit moves the participants each time. I admit that even I couldn’t help myself from crying tears of happiness while we were singing.
Even though we didn’t finish until after midnight and Caila was already sleeping peacefully in bed by the time we got home, it was truly a wonderful experience; and I’m thankful that I was given this opportunity again to sing for Him again.

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