04 April 2011

sports brings international cuisines to the workplace

Because their country won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, our Indian colleagues ordered pizza and cake for everyone at the office yesterday. And today, they gave a celebratory lunch for all of us. It was a purely Indian feast: chicken biryani, mutton biryani, nawaabi subz salad, hara salad, haryali salad, papad, roti tandoori, paneer tikka masala, and subzi makhanwala. Unfortunately, the biryanis were too spicy for me so I had to settle with the papad and tandoori...I became an instant vegetarian. I didn’t mind; I’m not into Indian food anyway. Good thing I had brought my own food from home just in case.
While everyone was enjoying the food, two of our Serbian colleagues announced that tomorrow’s lunch will be on them because their fellow Serbian, Novak Djokovic, defeated Rafa Nadal in the Sony Ericsson Open Men’s Final. They’ll either bring Serbian food cooked by their wives or they’ll just order normal food from a fastfood restaurant.
Next month, whether Pacquiao wins or loses in his fight with Mosley, the Filipino Mafia will host a lunch. Let’s see if our colleagues will be willing to eat Pinoy delicacies like isaw and bagoong (hehehe).

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