15 October 2011

ate caila here!

Last Thursday evening, I was watching TV and Caila was running and playing around. Suddenly, she jumped in front of me and exclaimed “Ate Caila here!” Then this morning while we were lazing about in bed, she embraced my neck and said “Don’t worry, Mommy. Don’t worry. Don’t scared. Ate Caila here.

Cute, di ba? Although there was no reason that I could think of for her to say that. Pero naloka ako! Not because she surprised me unexpectedly, but because she referred to herself as ATE. Except for the times when we visit our friends with babies, we never call her Ate Caila. And as far as I know, even though we’re planning to try for another baby next year (hopefully, a boy this time), we still don’t call her Ate, nor have we asked her if she wants to become one. But then this morning I just couldn’t resist asking her, and she nodded! Wow!

Maybe there really is some truth to that old wives tale about kids making tuwad because they want to have a younger brother or sister. She’s been doing it so often lately! Hmm...

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