26 October 2011

dinner by the dancing fountain

Ever since we got together, hubby and I make it a point to celebrate every 27th of the month by having dinner at a restaurant. Then when Caila was born on the 27th of February, it gave us another reason to stick with this monthly tradition. However, since we haven’t had the chance to go out on a date lately, and it’s been a long time since we last celebrated the 27th as our day, I suggested to hubby that we celebrate Caila’s month-birthday in advance, and then on Thursday, we’ll go out on our own...which is why we headed all the way to Dubai Mall for dinner at TGI Friday's last night.

Being the middle of the work-week, there weren’t that many people, so we were able to get a table at the balcony which had a perfect view of the Dancing Fountain. I’m not sure if everyone liked the food at Friday's, but all of the diners definitely enjoyed the Dancing Fountain shows, even though they were all just random. The music to the first one we saw was operatic, the second was Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the last one we watched was oriental (Japanese or Chinese, probably). I just love watching the fountain’s spectacular shows. It really seems like the fountain sprays are dancing to the beat of the music, and it’s really amazing at how high the water shoots up into the air. Definitely one of the best free entertainment there is!

Anyway, enough of my raving. I’ll just let these pictures show you the enjoyable evening we had for our little girl’s (advance) 32nd month-birthday.
view from our table

Souk Al Bahar
part of the Burj Khalifa
Hubby coloring while our daughter supervised
pasta and chicken for Caila
Jack Daniel's sampler for hubby
Lamb Rack for me
Oreo Madness as our celebration dessert

Caila holding my hand while watching

people below enjoying the show
I was able to record the entire Thriller show, complete with the smoke-effects but I've been having problems uploading it here. I'll try to post it later so you can see how amazing it looked.
one final shot of the striped family to remember the night
Hmm...I wonder where and how hubby and I will spend tomorrow...

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