01 May 2011

five years with three diamonds

Today is International Workers' Day and it’s also my fifth year with the company I’m working for!

Five years of ups and downs. I know that I often complain about some of my colleagues in this blog, but every company has their black sheep. Anyway, so far my stay has been mostly ups otherwise I would have left years ago.

I work for a multinational company that has offices worldwide (of all sorts of products), and, although it’s not as classy as you’d expect the name or brand would be, the environment and office set-up is good enough for me. The workload is manageable, most of my colleagues are easy to get along with, and work pressure and stress is bearable. Plus, as long as we get the job done, we can spend our free time in the office doing anything (that’s legal and reasonable) we want; management isn’t too strict and our bosses don’t monitor our every move (unlike some companies I know). Sometimes, we can even go out of the office for a couple of hours to take care of some personal stuff if we need to. Of course, we don’t abuse this “freedom” (well, I don’t anyway).

As for my salary, I guess it’s fair. Compared to others having the same job responsibility as mine, I’m satisfied. There are some perks I receive and experience occasionally, so it’s generally good.

I remember in April 2006, I prayed for this job during a Tongues Workshop. Apparently, this was a gift from God because this is the longest I’ve stayed with a company, and although there may have been times when things or people got on my nerves, I haven’t come to the point of preparing a resignation letter just yet.
If I can help it, for as long as my family and I are in Dubai (and unless hubby tells me I can finally become a fulltime housewife), I fully intend to stay with the company I’m working for.

So, Happy Anniversary to me!

Thank You, God, for giving me the opportunity to work with Mitsubishi for the past 5 years.
May You continue to guide me everyday to do my work effectively, efficiently and excellently.

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