31 December 2012

12 powerful resolutions

This was forwarded to me by Carol, one of my SFC babies.  And although I don't usually make any resolutions every year, it's definitely a good article to pick up some words of wisdom to guide us throughout the year.

So open the new chapter in front of you and appreciate it’s clean white space.  This chapter is called Opportunity and it starts today…

nol card: check-in, check-out

Here in the UAE, one of the benefits of working mothers is we’re entitled to 1 hour free time from work every day for 18 months after giving birth to breastfeed and spend more time with her baby (that’s if the baby was delivered here). For me, I opted to report to work 1 hour later than all the rest of my colleagues; which means I have to commute to the office because Hubby leaves for work really early in the morning. So, since I returned to work last November, I’ve been using the RTA public transportation. I take the bus until it stops at one of the metro stations, and then I take a taxi to my office.

23 December 2012

reunion with nyoy

The Dubai Chapter of our high school batch got another chance to get together again last December 6...all because our very own batchmate NiƱo (aka Nyoy Volante) was in town for a show with the other Sessionistas. Unfortunately though, not everyone was able to make it. Sharon’s daughter was sick so she couldn’t come, Maan couldn’t make it as well, and Laarni was in the Philippines. Although we knew Nyoy would be coming, we didn’t know his itinerary; so except for buying tickets to the show, we didn’t know when we could have the mini-reunion. I received an SMS from him on the evening of the 5th and several messages later through FB, my batchmates and I agreed to meet up at the lobby of Asiana Hotel after the press conference on Thursday night.

serving in the community

Again, another bump in our service. I had somewhat expected this, but of course I hoped I would be wrong. It may be too early to complain since nothing has happened yet, but then, that’s also one of the reasons why it’s so frustrating...nothing has happened yet! I don’t want to blame anyone or point fingers, so I’ll just blame it on the timing (so many things happened and it’s the Christmas/Year-End season). I don’t know...I just want to give up and go back to when things were (somewhat) easier and we had less responsibilities. Is it too much to ask if we want to go back to being members?

22 December 2012

my end-of-the-world day

So the supposed day of the end of the world came...and went. Honestly, a part of me thought it would, while the other part of me thought otherwise. That’s why throughout the entire day yesterday, I wanted to make sure that I was with the people I love, my family; so that just in case anything happened, we were spending our final moments together.

18 December 2012

kfc national kids village

Hubby and I were recently given a higher responsibility in the community as KFC (Kids for Christ) Chapter Coordinators, just in time to take part in the National Kids Village which was held at Children’s City on the 1st of December.

The theme this year was “Move: By God, For God, With God,” and the venue was decorated to look like an airport. There was a Check-In area, Passport Control counter, luggage counter, and boarding gate just like a terminal. There was even a waiting area for the “chance passengers” (parents and siblings of the participants) so that they could see the live screening of the activity.

17 December 2012

sophie's christening

Baptisms at St. Mary’s Church are held on Thursdays only (except Maundy Thursday), but after attending the Baptism Seminar in October, Hubby immediately went to Fr. Tom (the Parish Priest) to speak to him. Fortunately, after a pretty long talk, he allowed us to have what they call a “special baptism” on the 17th of November, a Saturday. Once we got the date finalized, I started preparing the list of things to do: book the reception venue, ask and inform the godparents-to-be, order the cake, giveaways, etc. Fortunately, I was still on my maternity leave and would only return to work on the 10th of November, so it gave me lots of time to do whatever I needed to accomplish.

01 December 2012

31 days of praying for your husband

This guide by Nancy Leigh DeMoss was forwarded to me by a former colleague a few days ago. Being a wife who believes that her husband is a gift from God, I want to do my part in helping him be the best husband, father, and person he can be. And since December is Hubby’s birthday month and the last month of the year (plus, it has 31 days), I decided to start this today in preparation for the coming new year. Praying for him daily will also be one of my birthday and Christmas gifts to him.

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