12 January 2012


On this day in 2004, my life in Dubai began.
When I first set foot in the Middle East, I was slim, young, and innocent (err...at least I looked innocent).
taken on my third day in Dubai

Now, I’m no longer slim, no longer young (although I’ve been told that I could still pass for a college student at times), and no longer innocent.
with Hubby on New Year's Day, 2012

In spite of that, I’m definitely a better and happier person than I was then (praise God!).
Thank you, Dubai, for being my home for the past eight years. Huwag mo muna ako palayasin ha =)


  1. Our Dubai anniversary is only a day different. Happy anniversary and may you live in Dubai as long as you want! :)

    1. Thank you, Grace! Happy anniversary! =)


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