22 August 2012

shopping for the baby...and cloth diapers

With a maximum of 5 weeks to go, we only finally bought the things we needed for Baby Tummy during the Eid holidays. Aside from the stuff we asked Mama to buy from the Philippines (yup, she finally arrived last Friday night), the only place we went to for the essentials was Babyshop which has so many branches in Dubai. Unfortunately though, there was no sale going on (in Babyshop or Centerpoint) but it was ok because there wasn’t much we had to buy anyway. So what we bought were a sterilizer, bottles, pacifiers, and breastpads. The Madela breast pump I was eyeing was quite expensive so we decided to wait until after I deliver in the hopes that it will be on sale by then. Aside from that, the only things left to buy were maternity pads (for me, of course), an anti-slip bathtub mat, and disposable diapers which we’ll purchase on our next trip to the supermarket. There was something I wasn’t planning on buying because I didn’t know they were available here, and this was…
cloth diapers!!!
CD-ing is pretty hot in n@w, and upon reading up on its benefits, I wanted to use these instead of disposable ones when Baby Tummy comes out. However, cloth diapers aren’t easily available here in Dubai (they have to be bought online and/or are pretty expensive). I could have asked Mama to buy some in the Philippines, but she didn’t know what they were (all she knows are the traditional lampins that require safety pins) and she doesn’t know how to use the computer and search the internet. So when I happened to come across these diapers in Babyshop and noticed that they were just Dhs36, I immediately took a couple. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many designs to choose from. The plain ones came in light yellow, light blue, and white; and the only printed design I saw was the denim one. Each cloth diaper came with 2 pads. If we see more (nicer) designs in other stores or Babyshop branches, I’ll definitely get those.

We’re still going to buy and use disposable diapers for the little one, but I’m hoping that in time, we’ll use more of the cloth diapers until we won’t need the disposable ones anymore. It’ll be more cheaper in the long run, and more environment-friendly.


  1. hi ms. pamela,

    if you are still on the lookout for cloth diapers, you might want to visit www.facebook.com/littlepinkelephant. we are uae based and currently carrying Alva Cloth diapers with various cute designs. we are working on acquiring more brands to offer.

    thank you and have a nice day!

  2. Hi
    Do u know if babyshop still stocks alva diapers. Thanks

    1. Hi! Sorry, but I'm not really sure.


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