15 April 2012

mama is 71!

It was Mama’s 71st birthday yesterday. Days before, I had sent some money so that she could have a simple celebration at home with family and relatives (she preferred cooking and having it at home, rather than eating out at a fancy restaurant), and judging from my conversation with her yesterday and the photos my cousin posted in fb, she had a good time. At least, I hope she did. There were two cakes given to her, but I especially found the cake given by her nephews (although I’m not sure which ones) really funny because she’s been a widow for almost nine years already, and never once has she hinted of finding someone to spend the remaining years of her life with.
But…I still can’t get over the fact that we (her own children) weren’t there again for another birthday of hers. As she celebrates her birthday every year, I can’t help but think of how little time we have left to be with her. She’s not sick or anything (except for the usual high blood and arthritis), but still, I can’t help but think of the precious time and precious moments that we’re wasting and not being with her on special occasions such as this. Of course I’m really thankful that her youngest brother and his family and Mama’s nephews and nieces in Manila went to our home to celebrate her birthday with her, but still, iba kasi ang kasiyahan pag nandun din ang sarili mong mga anak. Kuya Boyet was in Manila but apparently he had to work, so talagang wala ni isa sa mga anak ni Mama ang nakapunta sa handa nya. Waaaaahhhh!!!

The good news is that she’ll be here before I deliver in September and she’ll stay with us for a year (at least, that’s our agreement), so on her 72nd birthday, I’ll do my best to give her a memorable birthday.

Happy birthday to the bestest Mama in the whole world!

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