14 March 2012

sweet daddy

Caila wasn’t feeling well the other night. She had woken up from her afternoon nap with a fever, and although her temperature had gone down by the time Hubby and I arrived home, she was still a bit weak. As we were trying to sleep that night, she kept tossing and turning, and letting out small whimpers. We tried cuddling her, letting her pinch the skin around our elbows, etc, but to no avail…she just couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, Hubby asked if she wanted him to carry her, to which she quickly nodded, immediately stood up, and raised her arms. For 15 to 20 minutes, he carried her in the darkness of our room, swaying her to and fro to help make her sleep. Actually, she had already fallen asleep within less than 10 minutes, and Hubby could have easily lay her down on the bed right away, but instead he kept on carrying and swaying her for much longer than he needed to...and to think he was already exhausted from work and some things he had to do at home! It was such a sweet scene that I couldn’t resist taking a picture and blog about it here.
just one of a million reasons why I love Hubby

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