08 November 2012

name game: if you can’t beat them, join them

Since our first-born’s nickname is a combination of her two names, I wanted to do the same for our second daughter…thus the name “Sharice” (S and H from her first name, and the rest of the letters from her second). I like it because it means cherry and deep red, which is the color of the bag I wanted to buy when I was pregnant (actually, until now, I’m still looking for that perfect bag).

However, when Hubby excitedly posted her first picture on FB after she was born, he only mentioned her first name; so naturally, everyone started calling her “Sophie.” I later added her second name and nickname, but it didn’t change anything. Caila calls her little sister “Baby Sophie.” If I tell her it’s “Sharice,” she says I’m wrong and she’s right.

I’m tired of the countless times I have to remind or tell people what her nickname is. So, just so that the little one won’t be confused as to which name she should respond to, I have conceded to the majority. But of course a small part of me is hoping that she’ll use the nickname I want for her when she’s older.

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