06 June 2012

posh weekend: the farm, al barari

A few weeks ago, we received an invitation from our friends Eugz and Pia to their Breakfast Engagement. Of course, since they’re part of our barkada and considering that we wouldn’t be able to go home to the Philippines for their wedding in December, Hubby and I just had to attend. Little did we know that the venue where it was going to be held was a beautiful place hidden in the outskirts of Dubai.

The couple had requested everyone to come in white, but being at the stage where she’s beginning to have a mind of her own, our daughter didn’t and wouldn’t let us put on her the only plain white dress she had. Since I didn’t want to start the day (and weekend) all stressed out, I just asked Caila what she wanted to wear…and she pulled out her favorite red Hello Kitty shirt and red leggings. Haaaay!!! The time on the invitation stated 7:30am, so being the prompt people we are (ahem! ahem!), we arrived at The Farm in Al Barari last Friday morning at 7:25am.
As expected, none of the other guests had arrived yet, but we didn’t mind because it gave us the chance to take in the place in all its beauty and tranquility. The furniture in the restaurant was mainly wooden and white, and the tables had centerpieces of white flowers in glass bowls. Outside, there were lots of botanical greenery, a landscaped lake (or pond), paths going around the area, and a deck with tables and chairs for other diners.
 After a few minutes, the guests (our friends) started arriving, so we went in the restaurant to seat ourselves. The gathering was actually for Eugz and Pia to share their engagement with their close friends, as well as announce the details of their wedding, including the people in their entourage. After the opening prayer (hindi talaga ito mawawala in any occasion hosted by an SFC or CFC member), we all settled down to a sumptuous breakfast of toast, bacon, sausage, beans, and eggs, with any beverage of our choice.  Oh, and their menus are presented on iPads! Sobrang sosyal!
There was also a game of I SPY where the guests were given a list of shots to take (e.g. the couple holding hands, someone giving a toast, a favorite spot at The Farm, etc). Of course, practically everyone had a camera and/or camera phone, so there was some major clicking going on left and right. It was fun! And since everyone cooperated with the white theme (ok, everyone except you-know-who), the shots made lots of pretty pictures that suited the place.

The only thing that made it unpleasant was the weather…it was scorching hot! Good thing there were lots of trees, bushes and plants that provided some shade. Anyway, that was just a minor thing. The Farm is definitely one place Hubby and I will be going back to one of these days for a Friday breakfast, lunch or dinner. But most probably we’ll have to wait until the winter season when the weather is cool.

A picturesque place, an intimate gathering, great friends, and delicious food. It was a great way to start our weekend!

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